Knowing When To Give Up and Bail, The Millennial’s Forte

Living In The Shadow of The Church

Do you know someone who will stick it out no matter what the situation is?

My husband is one of those people. When watching a movie or reading a book, he sticks  it out through to the end. Not me! I jump ship as soon as I discern that whatever it is feels out of tune with me, that which I feel has ultimately become a waste of time and energy.

And I think our two responses marks us generationally.

The guy who sticks it out, he is on the tail end of Gen X, where as I’m in with those older Millennials, or more specifically, that other unique micro generation currently being referred to as the Xennial’s or also GenY . Millennials will not stick it out unless there is a good reason to. Are we quitters?

For sure both generations enjoy a challenge and hard work. But with…

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