I am committed to my own and where possible supporting other similarly interested peoples in self actualisation.  Specifically in terms of  the current UK need in the desirably effective types of personal social and mental health individual recovery well being.

Through my knowledge reported to me by trusted others,  of being at large as an older and black and gay man I believe I have to offer what I simply have  to offer the world and others.

Working as a person, in turn serving to benefit / supplement  particular insight.My personal effectiveness is in getting results whatever, working to a process. relationships with people, getting the details right.
I prefer one to one communication.
My business role would be, ‘developer’.
I am triggered by delivering solutions to present problems for others at arms length.
I am a reactive type.
I am a starter not really a finisher.
In teams I like and tend towards selling.
I want most, an old house to refurbish.  add another page.