One Love - One Body - One Mind [excerpt]

Individually, I hope to offer, provide or show solidarity with some who like me have found conflict on or in the pursuit of states of existence that they initially thought to be states of noble standing.

This might be in the respective sense or in general by direct comparison with the message in this or any preexisting personal held grounds of reference, one to another and beyond since addressed, as I know only partly my part, a separated part.

Inside that part though remember, are the leading parts.

The means to be actualized amid the orthodoxy; the rareness of a black gay British man’s survival beyond the front-line drugs world and through my mental health-based recovery strategy.

‘Advocacy Life Branding’, a method!

Power share potential, or even leading authoritative insights to the now wavering personal vulnerability to the continually emerging politically based institutional practice and the unhealthy inter-dependency on the mental health sectors’ ‘co-production’ model (holding pattern), or even maybe as alone in the Thinking class of people, my complicity with it.

What this could mean because today I’m the striking guy!

Affirming ‘As Maybe’ Desired.

When considering the view of things external to myself in the processes of reflection what shows usually is a perpetual set of choices 🤔, and in this context of my lived experience this episode of ‘Larry Yates As Is’ meant for me that at last a sense of isolation in feeling that my personally held views on my sexuality as homosexual were uncommon and remained of no interest to others was no longer the matter of such pressing scale for me in my relation to those around. ‘Can’t keep a good guy down’, effect so to speak

I’m 50 and I live in London UK.

Uniquely if the general sense in the public mind is taken,  [for myself being Black British of Jamaican West Indian heritage] the freedom and access to the white mainstream discourses and spaces here, providing powerful social collective gay citizens continued customary support and recognition [post section 28].

As it was, for me it was only the beginning and not enough. Messages never expounding beyond the purely political (reason now with hindsight, presumably for practical purposes of time available and for relevance in 1995-8, to give everyone a basic ‘ethical’ position, at the height of the aids crisis).

The current situation 20 years on 2018 post information age is a UK society that seemingly now due to an epidemic largely still unaddressed [at point of need] of poor mental health including the working population is subsequently critical need of remedy in this regard.