We provide an example to others we meet by being the most we can be at this time of lasting national fiscal austerity and right wing populist rhetoric.

2018 35 plus years old!

We have the experience of recovery as a people with historical unmet needs and with the multiple barriers of being race and sexual minority.

The key is owning the sense of belonging here in Britain and elsewhere and refusing to be caught up, distracted and bitter about past injustices that yet still come to us daily as people integrated over time into the British society.

This difficulty is the work and hence reward of recovery that majority do not  experience the same way we have to, and it means that a certain type of disadvantage for us that majority do not experience is always present, namely inequality.

However, now as older we know, ‘life is not fair’ but [our resolve] as expressed is balanced to deliver benefits by exploring and sharing articulate descriptions of the  solutions that fully or partially address everyday potential Mental Ill Health related crises.

Here then uniquely, the argument is always for ‘individual’s’ role in recovery development.
Perhaps it’s ‘response to a news clip’, usually however it is as lived, but critically to be effective tailored to meet the need of other’s facing crises, particularly in  the many places we visit thus communally.

Many increments make a big step, and we take more steps!

This way we are the leader’s of the Communal and hence communally experienced recovery process.

This in turn is a ‘self owned’ powerful personal set of answers to go forward with in life love and work.

True equality of experience, owned!

The price is the the initial personal effort needed and necessary to realize and then harness this as an identity.